Our mobiles are modeled after Scandinavian himmelis, which translates to sky or heaven, that were hung during harvest time in hopes of a prosperous crop. Although they were originally made from straw, the new modern version is made of clean and sleek brass.
These little beauties can be placed anywhere in the home or office, preferably in a room that receives indirect light.

Each mobile is hand made and may have slight differences. They are hung by 16’’ faux suede cording with a loop at the end. Simply hang them on a nail or hook in your home.

Over time, the brass will oxidize but you can restore its original shine with a polishing cloth. Moisture will quicken the oxidization, so be sure to remove your air plant when misting with water.
Despite their name, air plants can’t survive on air alone. Twice a week, gently remove the air plant from the mobile by its bottom then place in a bowl of room temperature water for 20-30 minutes. Gently shake off excess water and lay the plant out to dry. When completely dried, replace it in its home. Do not place in direct sunlight. If your home is very hot, you may mist water on your air plant in between waterings.

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