My first Valentine's Day! February 15 2014

Hi everyone! 

Yesterday was my first flower holiday at Les Fleurs par Pierre and it was such a rush! Clients were coming in and out of the store all day, but for some reason, it was never one by one, but in groups of 2-3 people! There was either no one in the store one minute or it was full the next! 
We had pre-packaged roses by single, three, half a dozen or in a dozen earlier that morning in anticipation of all the good boyfriends and husbands that would stop by our shop. Even a handfull of girlfriends and wives stopped by to purchase a few surprises for their loved ones.

To make sure Les Fleurs par Pierre was a one stop shop for Valentines, we had stocked up on delicious gourmet chocolates, adorable helium balloons and the cutest stuffed animals. Everything you needed to make the perfect gift basket for the most romantic day of the year :)

The crowd started to slow down around 8:00 PM and I decided it was time to go home and have my own Valentines celebration. I can't wait until the next flower holiday to experience all the rush again! Rendez-vous for International Women's Day on March 8th? ;)