Air plant Terrariums are now available! July 13 2016

Introducing a new product to our store: Air plant terrariums

These terrariums are the easy no frills way to keep a garden at home, no matter how much space you have. 

Available in geometric shape, sphere and diamond. Click here to shop air plant terrariums or to send one as a gift!

Air Plant Terrarium Geometric Diamond

Instagram & Air Plants March 16 2016

Have you been following our Instagram account
We've been posting some of our favorite arrangements before they leave the store. And yesterday, we announced a brand new product hitting the online shop very soon:
Handmade Brass Mobiles with Air Plants !

Air Plante Geometric Mobile

Pre-orders will be taken next week and afterwards they will be available for purchase online and in store. Don't you just love these little geometric mobiles? 

Holiday Plants November 23 2015

New holiday plants have arrived at Les Fleurs par Pierre! These beautiful blooms are a great way to add some holiday joy to your home or as a hostess gift. Bring a touch of nature indoors this winter and you’ll instantly enjoy your plant’s fresh air and calming state. Send a gift to your loved ones online or stop by in store to pick out your new garden.

Tropicals have arrived! July 25 2014

A fresh batch of tropical plants have arrived at our store! Come pick one up and bring the feeling of summer indoors :)


This anthurium plant is a surprising shade of pink! The heart shaped flowers are usually a bright or dark red, which makes this pink plant quite unique. 

The money plant! Everyone is talking about these houseplants. This braided specimen is suppose to bring its owner lots of good fortune and money. You can find out if it's true by buying one here.

Lastly, this architectural beauty is called a snake plant or mother-in-law's tongue (haha!). This plant can grow up to 3-4 feet and stays upright, perfect to put in corners of your home.