Spotlight on local flowers June 15 2016

One of the best parts of spring and summer in Canada is the beautiful blossoms it brings with the warm weather! Shopping from local farms is very important to us at Les Fleurs par Pierre and we always purchase Canadian flowers when available. 

Here are some of my favorites that you can usually find in our fridges.

Spotlight on local flowers peonies

Peonies are almost every girl's favorite flower. These huge blooms have so many petals in a fluffy delicate texture and the smell just brings a smile to your face! I've never heard of anyone who didn't love peonies.

These flower favorites are available locally in June and July, making them perfect for weddings or to pick up as a hostess gift to bring to a BBQ! 

Spotlight on local flowers gerberas

I think Canada's most famous locally grown flower is the gerbera. It's bright colors and big welcoming petals just feel so Canadian! We get our gerberas from a wonderful farm in Ontario year round. 

There are so many colors, color combinations and even cross overs with pom poms, making the gerberas very versatile and mix well with other flowers in your bouquets.

I like to add a green straw on the gerbera stem to keep them tall and straight but you can remove it once at home if your vase is narrow enough to support the flower.

Spotlight on local flowers snapdragon

I think snapdragons have the coolest name of all the flowers. Despite its tough name, snapdragons look very delicate and dainty. It is a lengthy flower that blooms from the bottom and goes upwards. Usually the buds at the top never open, but I think it's for the best because the texture of closed buds give a nice touch of green. Doesn't it make you want to touch it?

I love snapdragons in pairs or more together in a bouquet. 

Spotlight on local flowers lisianthus

Lisianthus is my favourite supporting characters in a bouquet. Alone, lisianthus looks a bit strange, curving in all directions but within an arrangement, this flower really adds whimsical texture and movement. 

It's so fun to watch lisianthus bloom. As you can see on the photo I took, only one flower is pink. Slowly but surely, the two flowers on either side of it will turn pink and bloom just like their sister. The top tiniest buds usually do not open but they still look pretty! 

Spotlight on local flowers tulips

Unfortunately, local tulip season is soon drawing to an end. I'm going to miss these inexpensive flowers! On their own, tulips can make great bouquets or mixed with other flowers, they are a nice blooming surprise. 

Tulips are actually one of the few flowers that keep growing after they are cut.

My favourite tulips are double tulips. As you can see in my photo, there are several layers of petals ready to bloom. We usually see tulips with only one layer and they open like a cup, where you can see directly inside. Double tulips open up all their petals and become exotic beauties. You wouldn't believe they are grown in our own backyards! 

Remember the impact you are making when you shop locally. Although we can't always buy from Canadian farms (flowers, fruits, vegetables, dairy products) due to availability and seasonality, we can always do our best to support local businesses when possible.

Canada Day is coming up soon so don't forget to celebrate with a few great products from our beautiful country!

Why send roses? February 18 2016

Why send flowers?

Over Valentine's day week, a few new faces popped up at our shop to pick up some flowers for their valentine. Of course, we love having new customers! Unfortunately, a few of the men were a bit apprehensive about the thought of spending a good amount of money for a dozen of long stem red roses. And they should be! Red roses have dramatically increased in price this year for Valentine's Day, due to our plummeting Canadian dollar (yep, roses are imported). But I'll let you in on great news: women love receiving flowers, not just red roses.

As a new generation of women are becoming more and more familiar to flowers, thanks to Pinterest, they now know that roses aren't the holy grail of flowers like they used to be 5-10 years ago. Hello Peonies (we love love love them)!  There are hundreds of different kind of flowers available year round and we can point you in the right direction if you have no clue which one to get.

And if your sweetheart's favorite flower is the rose, nothing dictates that you need to buy by the dozen on V-Day. Save those grand gestures for her birthday, anniversary or even for a 'just because' occasion when roses are at their normal price. What's a special number to you? How about just 3 roses for 'I. Love. You.'

My personal favorite cure to the expensive red rose on V-Day is a mixed flower bouquet. To me, nothing beats a beautifully arranged bouquet of flowers in 2 to 3 colors. The texture of different flowers put together can really elevate your bouquet. By only using a select color palette, doesn't it remind you of the sophistication of a wedding?

All in all, red roses will always stay a symbol of Valentine's Day. But if you are on a budget or are looking for something different, you can't go wrong with a different variety of flowers.
And get her flowers on other days than Valentine's Day! She'll appreciate it just as much.

Budget brides tip #3 July 26 2015

Create an illusion. There are different ways to create the illusion of grandeur and everyone will think you spent thousands of dollars on decor!

Photo credit Pinterest

1. Group simple cylinder vases together to create the illusion of a larger centerpiece. Using 3 different heights, gives the centerpiece more intrigue.

2. Submerging flowers underwater make the flowers seem larger than they really are. Tiny air bubbles form around the flowers, making them look like tiny diamonds placed around the vase.

3. Use candles to create an intimate feeling. Votives and floating candles are very trendy right now and an inexpensive way to add romance to your decor.

4. Round mirrors under your flowers give off a beautiful reflection of color and make your centerpiece seem larger. Just like when interior decorators place a large mirror in a small room to extend it, these table mirrors are a great way to enhance your centerpieces.

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Budget brides tip #2 July 24 2015

Re-use and Re-purpose your ceremony flowers by bringing them into the reception area. There's no reason to leave any flower behind!

Ask your wedding coordinator or groomsmen to transport the ceremony aisle flowers into the dining area. Large flower arrangements can be placed on both sides of a sweetheart table or at the entrance. Small floral pieces can be used for the cake table, sweet table or guestbook / gift table. 

At the end of the night, guests can take home the ceremony and reception pieces so no need to argue over who gets to take the flowers home.

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Budget brides tip #1 July 22 2015

If you're a bride on a budget (and who isn't?), consider bringing in your own vases to your florist. You can even DIY and decorate the vase yourself to match your wedding themes. The example above shows a savvy best friend who brought in vases she already owned. The theme was rich old school glamour, so I attached a rhinestone mesh around her vases to glam them up and voila! Luscious red roses and red carnations are a simple and elegant combination.

Want to bring in your own vase but you don't have 10-15 of them for centerpieces? No problem! A new wedding trend is to have each guests table have a unique centerpiece. One of our brides found 9 different vases in her blue and green color scheme, perfect for her wedding theme. Although each vase is different, all of them will have white flowers to create uniformity in the reception hall. Consider even making each table number unique by using different picture frames, vintage books or mismatched candles. Make your decor memorable, your guests will be talking about it for years!

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